Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Summer Fun

I'm joining up with some blogging friends, sharing my list of things I'd like to accomplish this summer.
Following are incriminating photos of what could be called my clutter crime scene:
Repair Mountain (aka Sewing Mountain)
There are actually several of these in various rooms.
Resale Rendezvous with The Shrine barely visible
The Clutter Magnet Coffee Table
See? Clear evidence that a blogger's home is not always beautifully staged!
(Well, is mine ever? Do I care?)

Weekly Goals:
Sew and/or repair at least one garment.
List at least one garment on Poshmark
and one on Trendlistr [if I can ever get back into the site, that is].
Upload new art to Redbubble.

Summer Goals:
Get taxes done.
DeClutter the living room (again).
Get sewing machine repaired.

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Do you have any sort of "To Do" list for Summer?
Link and tell!

Monday, June 12, 2017

A Shoe Is Born #otisshoeworkshop

I MADE MY OWN SHOES!!!!!!! (In case you hadn't heard).
The right shoe is still on the last. The left one is more or less finished. 
I took an amazing week-long shoemaking workshop with Chris Francis at Otis, through the auspices of the Continuing Ed department. [Thank you CE, for underwriting my participation].
Seven of us worked 9-5, Mon-Fri, and 8-11 Sat and all made at least one shoe.
I'll post more about some of the amazing women that participated in subsequent posts --
this one is all about the process!

I'll show you some highlights -- get comfortable, kick your feet up, shoemaking has a lot of steps (harhar).
[I'll keep the images small, for easier scrolling. You can click on an image to see it bigger].

Day One: measuring

the last is first
foot tracing and measuring
comparing the tracing to the last, marking areas to extend

Day 2: Midsole

creating midsoles from scratch
leather is sandwiched between layers of a paper product called redboard
phase 1 of midsole nailed to last
adding steel shanks
adding more redboard to bottom of midsole

 Day Three: uppers - designing, patterns, painting

last covered with masking tape, design worked out
masking tape carefully peeled off last
truing up paper pattern
cutting the uppers from raw vegetan cowhide
folding the topline
stitched dart shapes back of heel
paint it RED!
adding leopard pattern
cutting pigskin liner

Day Four: sewing upper, lasting

attaching upper to liner at topline

covering the edges of midsole with vintage Thai silk

ready to begin lasting
first nails
oops, heel dart not in center. oh well.
prep for gluing in toe box
the pair is lasted

Day Five: heels, soles

prep for gluing upper to midsole and adding cork
next the nails will be replaced with tacks, which stay in the shoe
bottom is smoothed with sander and dremmel
we used plastic heels
plastic covered with pigskin, then dyed black
heel glued, it stands!
[Chris didn't want us sharing his method of making the soles.]
here, I'm waiting for glue to dry to stick the sole to the heel
I wrote a secret message inside the right sole

Day Six: delasting, insole, done

lining trimmed from topline
ready to delast!
after sinking screws into the heel and nailing in tap, the insole pattern is refined
I didn't catch what kind of leather we cut the insole from
I painted mine purple
it's a shoe!
Did you have any idea that all this went into the making of a shoe?

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Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Super Easy Skirt DIY

Where was I when they issued the "How To" on making a tube skirt out of a tee?
Wool-gathering, no doubt.

Find the too-tight tee/tank/cami:
Cut straight across just under the sleeves/armholes:
So easy! Why didn't I think of this sooner!

By the way, I got a new camera.
It has WiFi. I no longer have to email my outfit pix to myself. I can use the WiFi!
Oh the possibilities...

Here's a side-by-side comparison of unedited photos (aside from cropping)
from the old Panasonic Lumix (left) and the new Nikon Coolpix L840 (right):
No more adjusting the Levels in Photoshop every single time!
[Does happy dance].

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Monday, May 29, 2017

Rainbow Grid Mosaic

Part of my Fluevog Print Collection design process necessitates some color matching (my least favorite activity, but whatever). I figured a garment with a built-in color chart would be more fun, since I will be doing the bulk of my matching at the John Fluevog Venice shop.
So this happened:
Redbubble skirt link, I get a commission on Redbubble sales.
I deliberately scaled the print to get one repeat of the mosaic color chart.
Which, after a long wait, lead to this:
Pairing the Mosaic Skirt with the Todd Oldham jean jacket = no brainer.
I can't say the quality of the skirt is all that great -- the fabric feels much like inexpensive swimsuit material -- it's labeled 88% polyester/ 12% spandex. I got an XXL and have already popped some stitches at the waistband. Nonetheless, I didn't let that deter me from wearing it around town for gluttonous activities with Severo.

The above photo was snapped outside Cafe Brasil, which has GREAT food.
I had a Red Snapper Entree, which included magic salsa, a salad, black beans, rice, and fried plantains.
Severo got a ? Sandwich and Fried Polenta.
Over dinner, we plotted the next morning's moves, since we both had the day off. Of course it featured breakfast.
Our choice of EggSlut required leaving the house at 7:45am if we wanted their fabulous biscuits.
Very strong coffee, The Biscuit, The Slut.
Now you know why I'm popping stitches on XXL skirts.
We took a postprandial walk on the Venice Boardwalk. At 9am, it was a totally different scene that its usual chaos. Most of the shops were shuttered, which offered a multitude of backdrops for posing.
(Not that I was planning such a thing, I swear!)
Chloe Sunglasses frames c/o Ditto circa 2012. They don't do retail any more.
Severo did his share of posing too:
The Snap[chat] properties were empty and eerily free of graffiti.
It was 10am -- the Boardwalk denizens were waking up, blasting music, starting arguments, setting up their stalls, raising their shutters, but all remained quiet around the Snap properties (aside from patrolling guards). The vendor spaces opposite on the beach-side of the Boardwalk were also empty -- does Snap rent these? Have some sort of arrangement with the city? Very creepy.

One photo op that I overlooked, considering my outfit, was a pose with the rainbow lifeguard shack.
"Next time!"

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ps: THANK YOU mystery US purchaser of the Mosaic Dress! (Just sold while I was composing this).
If you have ANY interested in my Redbubble product, sign up for their mailing list.
They have good sales ALL THE TIME!