Thursday, July 28, 2016

#tbt Fashion Rosebud: The Sundress

Back in the olden days, when I had a waist (and a bust, for that matter), I had a cache of 50's sundresses.
This was one of my favorites:
1996, Estes Park, CO
Twill shirt now a studio apron.
The Sundress, skirt portion lost in Repair Mountain.
Fluevog clog sandals, still going strong! 
The bodice was reinforced (really!) with interfacing so no bra was required (in fact, it gave me a bigger, more 50's bosom). PERFECT for summer and for summer roadtrips! I wore it so much, the left side straps got shredded from the friction against my seatbelt.
To me, that dress says: summer, the open road, destination unknown.

Have a garment that whispers summers past? Link and tell!

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Striped Rejuvination

This piece of green-striped rayon has been through several sartorial permutations.
I'm too hot and grumpy to search for a photo of it's first incarnation today. 
Maybe I'll add it later -- it was a strappy empire waist undergarment for an olive green poufy skirt that I wore with a red Chinese dragon print corset-style top. Or maybe I'll sketch it for you. Later. 

Next, I turned it into a tunic and wore it. A lot.
Oh look, that's when I had pansies next to the metal tub!
And the old favorite clog-style mules!
(I just grabbed the first photo that popped up).
It was starting to irritate me this summer. I want to wear as few garments as possible and the narrowness of where it hit on my arms was NOT GOOD.
Layering was not going well, it was too long:
So in one of my trying to get an outfit for the day frenzies, I ripped 7" off the hem:
Aaaaah. Better proportions. AND NOW I had fabric to use for sleeves!
Yay me!
You remember my new mission to put sleeves on everything, right? 
This is the third revamp in three months. Slow going -- at this rate, Repair Mountain will recede in maybe five years. Ha.

In addition, new shoes:
Mexican huraches purchased on Olvera St, downtown LA. $22, new! Super comfy!
Linking up with Patti's Visible Monday.
Because hidden biceps and visible knees.

Thursday, July 21, 2016

#tbt Reminiscing on Reminiscence

It's more family-portraits-for-the-Christmas-card outtakes, circa early 1980s:
Today, we put our focus on my legs! the 3/4 sleeve boatneck top, which I wore WAY tighter than this mannequin:
[I can't believe it still exists! Thank you Google! Source: Reminiscence
I had at least a dozen.

Reminiscence is a boutique in NYC that became well known for inexpensive garment-dyed and retro-inspired sportswear and quirky accessories and gifts. Aline Smithson first introduced me to the shop in 1978, when we both still lived on the upper west side. After I moved to Providence, and started a costume jewelry line, they bought my glass bead earrings and necklaces (I'm now slowly adding old inventory to Poshmark. You may have to sign in to see the link).

In Providence, my main form of employment was Patucci and Mark's store The Front Porch. They resold many items from Reminiscence, and I purchased a lot of their tops, jeans (the balloon leg jean! Yeah!), and shorts. Fun times. HOW did we ever make a living? I have no idea.

Did you have a favorite tee that defined a stage in your life?
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